Birdy Carry Me If Reach Supportive
Though seems quite simple, BIRDY contains many complicated and refined design.
For example, the vertical folding design requires extremely precise adjustment.

This one-of-a-kind characteristic requires accurate computation, superior manufacturing technology and strict quality control while processing design and mass production. Unlike most of the folding bikes with folding hinges on their main frame, which could be produced by machine, BIRDY needs to be handmade by professional workers.

BIRDY is a real "folding bike" which you can easily fold/unfold within 15 seconds without using any tool. It is extremely compact after being folded without any parts separated apart from the main frame.
This is why BIRDY becomes one of the most outstanding commuting folding bike. In spite of the time and location, it is always convenient and easy to fold/unfold.
Unlike most of the folding bikes which have folding hinges on their main frame and thus make the main frame relatively fragile especially during high-speed riding, BIRDY is proud of its resistant and durable main frame, which adequately integrated with the folding structure and suspension system.
The weight and the mobility capability are always the main concern for folding bike riders. BIRDY is functioned not only as a commuting bike but also a superior traveling bike. With the newly-developed rear carrier, which could perfectly be folded without any additional effort, BIRDY can carry luggage up to 25 kilograms. In the meanwhile, made of aluminum 7005/6061, the main frame of BIRDY is firm, anti-rust and lighter than most of other folding bikes.

All of BIRDY's standard specification have passed Pacific Cycles' quality test and are considered qualified to fulfill rider's needs. However, we still appreciate every specialized extenstion/adaption product designed specially for BIRDY. These designers/brands do understand BIRDY's value and somehow contribute to the value of BIRDY.

We would like to do so.
However, changing to Monocoque would inevitably increase the price since the cost is high. We would like to reserve the right for our customer to choose their main frame type.

BIRDY is born in 1995.
Gaining popularity from more than 150,000 thousand riders worldwide, BIRDY is one of the most popular folding bike in the world.
Now we have more than 10 thousand riders joining BIRDY family each year.

We are afriad to say no.
Although there are indeed riders attending MTB racing with BIRDY and achieved high rank. To regular user, we won't recommend such riding way which would cause you lose your product warranty.
Generally speaking, small-wheel folding bike is not suitable for rough and bumpy road. Please take care when riding BIRDY on road in poor condition.

Of course!
Biry is equipped with outstanding derailleur, gear and suspension system. Which make the riding experience as comfortable as riding a normal big-wheel bike. BIRDY is also capable of carrying up to 25 kilograms luggage with the special designed front and rear carrier.

When you are sitting on BIRDY, you are sitting on the opposed direction of BIRDY's folding hinge, which means you will not be able to fold BIRDY while riding it.

Riding BIRDY is just as comfortable as riding big-wheel bike. However, riding BIRDY is much more convenient. You could bring your BIRDY with the bike rack, jumping to train or catch up a plane every weekend, every vacation or even on your business trip.
Also, BIRDY has its top tube lower than normal bikes which require you to lift up your legs high before starting riding. It is thus also suitable for shorter riders and for elders.
For those who are tired of big-wheel bike, BIRDY would be your best choice. Safer riding experience with lower top tube and excellent handling.

When you ride BIRDY, the pose is not upright as riding regular folding bike but rather similar to a MTB. BIRDY is highly adjustable to fit different rider's figure and way of riding.

Stability of bike depends not on its wheel size but rather on the geometric design. The distance between front wheel and rear wheel plays an important role in stability and riding ability. Furthermore, The angle of front fork is crucial in steering capability. Through adjusting these factors, BIRDY could achieve similar stability level as big-wheel bike.

(1) The weight - Small wheel is lighter. You can easily carry your BIRDY.
(2) The spoke and rim are more resistant than big-wheel and less likely to break.
(3) Small-wheel requires less strength to ride the bike and go uphills.
(4) Easier to turn, steer and brake. Much more suitable for a city rider

The answer is No.
Rather, big-wheel bike is more fragile than BIRDY. BIRDY's frame is relatively small, resistant, light and performs superior in riding.
When compared to other small-wheel folding bike, BIRDY performs obviously better in the resistance of frame because of the design of folding way, no-hinge frame and suspension system.

Not at all!
After one ride, you would be surprised once you find out how amazing it is. It has been proved that a well-designed small-wheel bike could perform even better than big-wheel bike. Because the speed performance mainly depends on the gear ratio(chain wheel/freewheel)xcircumference, basically the gear ratio of BIRDY could make up the difference of the wheel size.
Wheel size, however, is not the only factor which decides the speed. BIRDY's compact and lightweight design, high gear ratio, high-pressure 90PSI tire and componenet with high-quality all play important roles in speed performance.
Give it a ride and you would be surprised by BIRDY's low wind resistance rate and outstanding performance.

We now have many differenct tire choices for BIRDY.
Mostly, we provide Maxxis-BIRDY w/kevalr(90PSI).
Schwalbe now provide many high-quality tire such as Schwalbe Marathon Racer (85PSI) and Stelivo Kojak HS385 (115PSI) too.

For further information of tire listed above, please refer to the indroduction of BIRDY accessories.

Suitable height: 145-195cm
Maximum weight limit(rider, luggage): 110kg
Rear Expedition Carrier: 15kg
Rear SL carrier: 12kg
Front lowrider: 10kg

To improve the safety of riders when they get on and off the bike, we lower the height of main frame by 60mm. By using Monocoque structure, the overall weight of bike is 150g lighter than Classic BIRDY. What even better is the resistance of the frame also enhances by 30% because of the reduction of welding part.

Basically, they are the same. The differences are as follows:

1. The assembling part of rear carrier to the frame.
2. The length of down strut is different

After riding 3000~4500km, please refill the oil based on bike condition.
A Speed Drive oil supply package is recommended. Please refill 1 to 2ml every 2000-3000km or once/twice per year.

CARRYME uses industrial specification 1/4"x1/8" chain, which is thinner and shorter than the normal bike's chain. The strength would be the same. Please refer to our store for the replacement if needed.

Front carrier weight limit: 5kg
Rear carrier weight limit: 10kg
Suitable height: 145-185cm
Weight limit for rider: 85kg
Maximum weight limit(rider, luggage): 100kg

At 70-90 cadence rate, CARRYME's speed can reach 19-21km/hr. Some riders even successfully exceed 30km/hr.
The recommended speed: 13km/hr.

When CARRYME is folded and placed vertically, it's the easiest to find the valve and blow the tire with vertical inflator.

Mini-velo usually requires high-pressure tire to effectively reduce the resistance, wear and tear of tire and the discomfort brought by shaking due to bad road condition.
CARRYME uses 8”x1-1/4’ high-pressure tire, which could be blowed up by American air valve to maximum 80PSI.

The BB of CARRYME is closed to the center of gravity. You won't feel unsteady while doing out-of saddle sprinting.

Of course.
When being folded and stay vertically, CARRYME is extremely compact withought bothering any other passengers.
To comform to local regulations, a supplementary accessory such as carrybag or dust cover is recommended.

Suitable height: 145-190cm
Maximum weight limit(rider, luggage): 100 kg

Suitable height: 145-185kg
Maximum weight limit(rider, luggage): 110kg

The recommend value is as belows:
Kenda K-1047: 1610mm
Primo C1081: 1595mm

You don't have to adjust REACH's front suspension. As for the rear suspension, you could change harder or softer PU.
Find more info here: Support>Download>REACH Rear Suspension maintenance manual

Front carrier weight limit: 10kg
Rear carrier weight limit: 15kg
Maximum wight limit(rider, luggage): 110kg
Suitable height: 145-185cm

1. Check whether tire pressure is enough for a safe ride
2. Make sure you wear the seat belt. Remember to leave some space for your abdomen.*1
3. Wear appropriate protection against the sun burn(hat/sleeve-cover/sunglasses/mask)
4. Start with the first gear. Keep the cables stay upward when you move forward.
5. Lean your body forward while winding with your arms.
6. Slightly brake with your left hand to slow down.*2
7. Put the handle bar at 7-8 clock direction in order to slow down while taking turns or moving downward.
8. Shifting to lower number before going uphills.*3
9. Please keep one hand on handlebar controlling the direction and the other hand winding the rear wheel while moving backward.

*1. You may use legband to keep your leg in the correct position.
*2. The correct way to stop HANDY is to rotate the handlebar counterclockwisely, the brake lever on the left handlebar is for assistance.
*3. Gear shifter is at your right handlebar, with 1-7 gears.
(1st gear is the most energy-saving and the slowest, 7nd gear is the most energy-consuming and the fatest)

Suitable height: 145-185cm
Weight limit for rear carrier: 15kg
Weight limit for rider: 85kg
Maximum weight limit: 100kg

-Tire pressure should be enough(Maxumum: 65PSI)
-The brake lever is designed to hold the trike when it is stopped, not to used stop the vehicle when on the move.
-Adjust each part to the most suitable place/height/angle, and tighten the bolt/quick release.
-Only adjust the height of the saddle when no one is on it.
-Should have someone to assist besides while riding.
-Slow down while going around the curves and makeing turns to prevent MICAH from inclining.
-The right wheel is the driving wheel, please be careful of the hinge on it when assembling.
-Please take care of small parts and components when transporting or disassembling MICAH.